Chest Trauma Treatment and Post Operative Drainage

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Thoracic Trauma
  • #1 Cause of Accidental Death
  • > 4MM Cases/Year Worldwide (World Health Orginization)
  • 9%-20% of all Injury Cases in the Army
  • Fatal,  if not immediately identified, treated and reassessed                 for effective management in hospital
  • Golden Hour: a casualty has a 80% chance of survival if he                 is evacuated to suitable medical facility within 1 hour

Main Types of Thoracic Trauma (any form of physical injury to the chest):

1. Blunt (motorvehicle collisions, falls)

2. Penetrating (stabbing, gun shots)

Results in: difficulties breathing, shifting of organs in thorax, lungs and heart collapse

Common difficulties in treatment:

1. Field conditions/cleaning of injury zone

2. Multiple injuries (diagnosis)

3. Time of treatment