Chest Trauma Treatment and Post Operative Drainage

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Vigor Medical Technologies Ltd. develops and will commercialize life saving innovative devices for treatment of chest trauma and for thoracic/abdominal drainage. 
According to World Health Organization (WTO) over 4 Million cases of chest trauma occur worldwide annually and it is the leading cause of accidental death. 
Vigor's self-fixation sealing devices prevent lung and heart collapse, both of which are fatal if not immediately identified, treated and reassessed for effective management in the hospital. 

All Emergency Medical Services (EMS) including the Army and Civilian first aid organizations 

will significantly benefit from it's usage

Vigor Medical is the winner of ICI Meeting (Israel), the Runner Up of Shenzhen 1st International Talents Competition (China) and named "The most innovative Start-Up Company in  Israel"
at iNNOVEX Start Up Competition